god's own canvas
                                                           the land of high passes

The famous Indian spices basking in all their glamour
A glorious expanse of sand encircling a lake and clouds shadowing snowy mountains
The Shanti Stupa at Leh, enshrouded by prayer flags on a cloudy day
The city of Leh with its mud settlements, caught in its splendour near sundown from the Leh Palace
Sunrise at Korzok, a village of less than hundred settlements overlooking lake Tso Moriri, whose inhabitants are some of the warmest people
A magical sunset experienced after a long day's trek
A morning surprise of a snow-clad mountainous landscape
Macedonian princess Marija Uzunova, encircled by snow, sand and a clear sky. directing the team with a pick-axe
My Canadian mentor with a heart of gold and body of steel contemplating an landscape of sky, thought and compassion
Jack Sparrow, a Delhi musician with an overwhelming sense of humour and a humble, wry gesture looking out at Tso Moriri reflecting crystal-clear the hills
People of the mountain (1)
People of the mountain (2)
People of the mountain (3)
People of the mountain (4)
Clear waters, rippling sand and a solitary cup experienced at dawn
Shards of ice representing the darker side of nature
A man winding yarn with a spool in his hand and Zen in his mind
Two people, one expression
Somewhere along the grayscale lies an inverted rainbow
A fleeting, windy day
A shepherd once charged with a sheep in his hand and a mad sparkle in his eye. A lunatic! His sheep stay loyal to him and life goes on, sparkle unfettered.
Two bare trees in true love
A couple of candlelights dancing and flickering in a molten bowl, bringing tranquility to the Hemis monastery
Ladakh, India

Ladakh, India


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