Samsung QLED | Director's Cut
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    An eclectic and frenetic collection of abstract animations making a 30 second broadcast spot for Samsung's QLED TV.
Samsung came to us with a unicorn. It's rare that a project comes along with both an open exciting brief, and the means to realize an ambitious vision. Using vibrantly varied designs, they wanted to make the Q famous. 

To hit the ground running, we put together a massive document filled with beautiful, sculptural abstract reference. This then became our visual bible for the rest of the project.

Our shoot covered three products using motion control cameras and device rigs. This allowed us to shoot extra lighting passes to catch interesting shapes and apply a finishing coat of magic.

Meanwhile, Psyop's wizards were concocting simulations and animations that bent the laws of physics and playfully subverted expectations. In the end, we loved how all these elements came together to create the eclectic finished piece.