Samsung QLED | Director's Cut
Samsung came to us with a unicorn. It's rare that a project comes along with both an open exciting brief, and the means to realize an ambitious vision. Using vibrantly varied designs, they wanted to make the Q famous. 

To hit the ground running, we put together a massive document filled with beautiful, sculptural abstract reference. This then became our visual bible for the rest of the project.

Our shoot covered three products using motion control cameras and device rigs. This allowed us to shoot extra lighting passes to catch interesting shapes and apply a finishing coat of magic.

Meanwhile, Psyop's wizards were concocting simulations and animations that bent the laws of physics and playfully subverted expectations. In the end, we loved how all these elements came together to create the eclectic finished piece.
Client: Samsung
Directors: Sean Martin, Borja Peña Gorostegui
Managing Director: Neysa Horsburgh
Executive Producers: Lydia Holness, Marisa Fiechter Hyland
Producer: Matt Creeden, Amy Fahl, Nina Goldberg, Carey Keeney, Alena McDougal, Scott Thomas
Assistant Producer: Keeley Ibrahim
Production Designer: Oliver Castle
Designers: Ana Bernaus, Douglas Bowden, Ian Bradley, Tom Brown, Saiman Chow, Kim Dulaney, Anthony Ferrara, Denny Khurniawan, JungEun Kim, Tae Kim, Mert Kizilay, Pedro Lavin, Andreas Martini, Jonas Pfeiffer, Connie Van, Danna Zhang
Lead Technical Director: Aaron Baker, Pakorn Bupphavesa
VFX Supervisor: Thomas Panayiotou
VFX: James Atkinson, Alejandro Echeverry, Helen Kwok, Benjamin Laidlaw, Kelly Shay, Edward Twiss
Modelers: Jack Corpening, Bryan Eck, Michelle Ko, Larry Leung, Anne Yang
Rigger: Lukas Wadya
Lighters: Alvin Bae, Aaron Baker, Sarah Bocket, Steve Burger, Cody Chen, Ari Hwang, Elizabeth Ku, Jonathan Lee, Stephanie Lin, Anne Yang, Ari Hwang, Ieva Sauciunaite
3D Animators: Ryan Moran, Pat Porter
2D Animators: Joe Herman, Julia Siemon
Storyboard Artists: Ben Chan, Michael Deweese, Syd Fini, Brian Wilcox
Compositors: Aaron Baker, Preston Brown, Anthony Ferrara, Chris Gereg, Coche Gonzalez, Colin Hess, Alexis Jo, Sang Lee, Christopher Miller, Thomas Panayiotou, Hieu Phan, Nicholas Principe, Evan Schoonmaker, Sohee Sohn
Editors: Tom Akey, Loren Christiansen, Mike Colao, Misha Kozlov