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    Berol Prismacolor Drawings
Early on in my artistic development, I fell in love with Berol PrismaColor Pencils.  My medium of choice if I need to express color, gradient and non-true blacks.

12x10 Berol Primacolors
30x20 Berol Primacolors
15x10 12x10 Berol Primacolors, Green Study

15x10 12x10 Berol Primacolors, Shading Study
I drew this up one day soon after the original iMac was announced.  In hindsight, I should have called it the iPhone, patented the telephony connectivity and registered the name and domain.  I'd be a bazillionaire now.
Study for a 30x20" color pencil piece
30x20 final color pencil rendering.
I always secretly wanted to be an olympic Luger.