Rings of Saturn — Motion Projection Demo Game
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    An experimental prototype for a game controlled by motion of the iPhone while the world is projected on a wall.
Rings of Saturn was a demo application for the Moject (Motion Projection) project. It combined a pico projector and an iPhone to create a game that you play by tilting the device in your hand while observing the world you play in projected on a wall.

This was my first iOS project and was developed as a quick prototype for the client. It was created at the time when no good free 3D libraries for the iPhone were available so I programmed my own based on prior positive experience with Microsoft's XNA Framework. This eventually led to what is today the XNI Framework.

The GUI (title and cockpit overlay) was designed by colleague Jan Hadžić.

The spaceship used was an old low-poly model I made for a personal project. It proved perfect for the technological capabilities of the iPhone at the time.