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ZOOONE cleaning device for nomadic lifestyle
Laundry machine redesign project.
Team: Aya Ulan, Nil Peguero, Amanda Longaron, Sergio Mansilla
Tutor: Manel Membrilla
The project has entered James Dyson Award 2017

We’ve came to a conclusion that the laundry technics haven’t changed since the invention of first automatic electric washing machine, and such technics are hardly compatible with modern nomadic lifestyle known among millennials. 
Nomadic trend, business trips and simply tourists encounter the problem of laundry when on the go. Our inspiration comes from the lifestyle and also from the environmental concerns such as contaminated water.
Zooone consists of 3 modules: top module, silicone capsule and base module. Top module is where all the important ingredients are, ozone converter, Li-ion rechargeable battery, Arduino plate with bacteria and ozone sensor, and it’s made of ABS. Ozone converter uses UV rays to convert the air we breathe into ozone gas that is channelled with special camera to silicone capsule where the clothes for treatment are placed. Arduino plate communicates with a smartphone to a standalone app and notifies the user about the readiness of the clothing, also it is programmed to keep the modules hermetically closed so ozone won’t be able to escape.
We consider Zooone gadget as a business product that can be introduced to short stay accommodations like hotels, hostels, etc., where the eventual users would be able to try the benefits of the product and later purchase for domestic use.