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    Floor lamp inspired by sunrays
The Sunray Lamp
I live in England and I’m constantly surrounded by dark clouds and longrainy days. The winters here seem to last forever and I usually can’t wait forthe summer to come. Every morning I wake up in a hope to see the bright sunbreaking its way through the mystical overpowering clouds. And than I open mywindow, I can feel the change in the air, its somehow lighter, easier tobreath. I can feel its coming. The first sharp sun ray breaks its way through.I have waited been waiting for this moment for months. The sky starts clearingslowly but gracefully. By now the suns rays have reached me, they feels like awarm friendly touch on my shoulders. I am filled with joy and hope in my heartas I acknowledge that the wait is over and summer is almost here.
About the Design

I have created a lamp that represents the Sun and the Sunray exactly as in my story above. The big round glass bulb is the Sun. It is made of fragile see-through glass with slightly yellow light to give it a warmer feel.

The lamp stands on three strong metal legs. They are very sharp and thin at the bottom, almost like needles. Two of the legs are black and the third one is golden. The golden leg in the Sunray, it reflects the light and shines just like the Sun would break through the clouds.

The cable of the lamp is black, but the adapter is golden just to give it a bit more personality. The standard height of the lamp is 170cm, however it can be adjusted by pulling the legs inwards or outwards.

I can imagine the design working as a bold personality statement in a big open living space where the lamp acts as an art peace. I also think that the lamp would look very characteristic in a funky minimalist shop.