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    Brochure for the exhibitions our Reggae Poster Contest will held.
In December 2011 we announced our First International Poster Contest, 2012. After 9 months of tough work, on 27th September, 2012, we had the honor to exhibit at the National Gallery of Jamaica, the 100 best poster designs and the amazing posters that our jury panel contributed in order to raise money to support the unforgettable Alpha Boys' School.

I designed this brochure for this exhibition and for those coming soon. A big thank you to my partner Michael Thompson for his wonderful advices.

The exhibition is now moving to Greece, Athens, at the AKTO College. Dates will be announced soon! Stay tuned!
Wish to see you all there!!!
The printing
The Brochure at the exhibition at the National Gallery of Jamaica
At the opening, myself at the right. Next to me, Melinda Brown, from the Roktowa in Jamaica