The name Krishna—"the all-attractive one"—indicates the unequaled charm and beauty of the Supreme Person, as He appears to His most dear devotees.
Vedic writings say that Krishna has a stunningly beautiful spiritual form (Krishnameans "all-attractive"), He plays a flute, His complexion is like a dark rain cloud, He wears peacock feathers in His long, black, curly hair, the soles of His feet are decorated with auspicious symbols, His voice is like rumbling thunder, and a unique gem—Kaustubha—hangs around His neck, along with a garland of ever-fresh flowers, attracting bees humming Vedic hymns.
Krishna always appears as a fresh youth with a dark complexion, surrounded by loving devotees, decorated with garlands of flowers and peacock feathers in His curling, bluish-black hair. He plays as a cowherd boy in the rural setting of Vrindavana, along with countless other cowherd boys, gopas, and cowherd girls, gopis. 
In His pastimes as a small child, He captivates the minds of the residents of Vrindavana with His charming, naughty behavior, such as stealing butter. In His youth, He captures the hearts of the gopis by His irresistible beauty, charm, and flute playing.
Krishna's enchanting smile is irresistible, as are His attractively moving eyebrows. His clothing is compared to lightning. His wide eyes, delicate hands, reddish-soled feet, and His deep navel often draw comparisons to the beauty of lotus flowers. The luster of His dazzling toenails is compared to moonlight, and He always appears in the fullness of youth.