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    A proposal for increasing density within our suburb's while retaining the character of our suburbs.
The Missing Middle 
The concept builds on the existing built form of suburban Brisbane by acknowledging the character of the past, while providing an adaptable solution for gentle density in the future.

Since city-building is a slow, unfolding process, getting it right depends not only on what we complete today, but the style we set, the tradition we establish for tomorrow-because whatever we do, some day someone is going to come around and fool with it. Edmund Bacon, in The Design of Cities, called this the 'principle of the second man'.

Located within a typical suburban inner city setting, the site area is culturally significant to Brisbane with character overlays and some nearby heritage listed houses. The typical demographic for the selected neighbourhood in this case a higher percentage of older residents with typically a lower number of 20-34 year olds in the neighbourhood.

A more balanced demographic will be encouraged by providing homes suitable for young families, creating more affordable options through the introduction of a new disruptive typology for medium density development promoting intergenerational neighbourhoods.

By referencing Edumnd Bacon’s Second Man Theory of Architecture, the concept celebrates and builds upon the existing built form of the area by acknowledging the character of the past and providing an adaptable outcome with the ability to develop in the future. The ability to further increase density site will be dependent on the development of adjoining sites. This additive approach acts as a catalyst for the gentle density over time that creates opportunities for a broad spectrum of users from single income families through to more established retiree’s.