III is an editorial project, developed in collaboration with Andamio, for S-AR (Stacion-ARquitectura), 
a Monterrey-based architectural firm.
The volume showcases the most iconic of S-AR's projects,
three houses where construction focuses primarily on a singular material:
wood, concrete and steel. Throughout the book we explore this concept on various levels, 
from the cover design – reflecting the three textures –, to the book’s structure: 
three sections (exploring each house and each material individually),
three types of paper, three different typefaces and so on.
Black and white is used on the cover and throughout much of the book 
as a graphic support in order to allow both the textures of the materials and S-AR’s 
renders and photos of the houses to shine.
Special editions of the book would be presented in a wood,
concrete or steel presentation box to further explore the idea of materiality.
The book’s content, curated by Andamio, features three main essays written by David Gissen, Anna Puigjaner and Guillermo López of MAIO, and Carlos Ortega Arámburo.
The book itself is an ode to the beauty and functionality of each material's singularity.
We wanted a clean backdrop that allowed the color to come from the food, not the stationery.
To achieve this, we deployed a color palette of muted, neutral hues that are quiet, calming and discrete.