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    A personal project on the production of Saké in Portugal, made with local rice variety.
This is the beginning of a personal project towards brewing "saké" in Portugal, made with a local rice variety. All ingredients in place and this my idea for the brand and how it should look like.
"Namban" was the name the Japanese called the first Portuguese to arrive at their shores. It means "the barbarians of the south" because the ships came from south and barbarians because they thought the Portuguese "had no manners" compared to them. Nevertheless and to make short the story, this "Nanban" period influenced many others aspects of this relationship between Portugal and Japan, being "nanbangashi", a variety of sweets introduced by the Portuguese, and other Portuguese culinary traits that today are considered "Japanese".
Today, "saké" is considered to be a Japanese drink but it originally came from China and with the rice culture in Japan.
Portugal has its own local rice varieties and just like it happened in Japan, the Carolino Rice is considered today a local variety though its name still holds the word "japonica" (from Japan) to its name.
My idea is to take on this inherent principle of evolution that every culture has, "local" or not and give it a new meaning, a new taste, a new direction and move on from there.
Just like a wine that we today consider "French", maybe one day people will think that "saké" can only taste good if it comes from Portugal :) Thanks

Note: The brand name uses "M" at the end of first syllabe because, in Portuguese language, an "N" never comes before "P" and "B"....ask Luís de Camões why, even him may not have a convincing answer for that...you know...languages.
By-the-way, "pardon my french" because my English s***s!