My favorite time of the year. Zwanze day! Cantillon's theme was based on Game of Thrones, the brewer's son's (Sylvain) favorite show. This year's beer will be a barrel-aged sour brewed with tea. The first image is the official image given by the brewery.
Here is my original sketch with Stark still in place. Sure, it's pretty much a copy of the original Game of Thrones poster but it's fun to draw and I wanted this to look great.
Here's everything drawn out with multiple heads (reference was scarce.) I was afraid I had the wrong head so I ended up using the reference from the official Zwanze illustration. I changed the flags to fit the template I have in place for the Fools Gold poster. Unfortunately, I got ink splatters on it while trying to clean my pen (a Rotring Rapidograph .25.)
This is the finished poster.
For the shirts I took all the colors down to 3 while using the color of the shirt for the line work. They will be available on September 23rd on the day of the event. Cheers!