Anti-glitch Foundation is an audiovisual post-production boutique that identifies and eliminates glitches – or errors – whether it’s in the image or the process. Their service includes coordinating and administrating all the steps before, during and/or after the production of a film with an emphasis on innovating through a creative and automated process.


We were asked to develop a new visual identity to represent the technological, creative and automated process behind the brand services.  


The identity is based on film concepts such as fragments, montage, exaggeration and conflict. Its visual universe is inspired by the 8 bit language; the incomprehension and inconsistency left by glitches; and the half-tones present on low-res technology. With these concepts in mind, an experimental typography was developed where each letter is made out of the combination of the two weights on the font set (A and B), creating a unique and rich visual universe for the brand.

Project created: August 2017