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Quoi ? L'Eternité (What ? Eternity).
It has been found again.
What ? Eternity.
It is the sea fled away 
With the sun.
Arthur Rimbaud, Last Lines, in Collected Poems.
A collection of pictures shot in various places - from Venezia to Scotland, Azores to Switzerland. An attempt to catch fragments of Eternity in a world where everything goes too fast, to achieve balance and reach what T. S. Eliot called the still point. A collection of memories torn from oblivion, frozen forever in their own eternity by the image.
Dawn, Canal Grande Study III, Venezia, 2016
Le silence de la mer, Brittany, France, 2016
After the rain, Scottish Highlands, 2016
Quoi ? L'Eternité, Funchal, Madeira, 2015
Light in Winter, Annecy Lake, France, 2017
Nightfall, Mosteiros, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017
Last lights, Loch Etive, Glencoe, Scotland, 2016
Jurassic, Brittany, France, 2016
Haïku, Brittany, France, 2015
A Winter Tale, Canal Grande Study I, Venezia, 2016
Wave, Elgol, Isle of Skye, 2016
Au commencement, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017
Out for lunch, Vevey, Switzerland, 2015
Sticks, Canal Grande Study II, Venezia, 2016
Kiss of the dragon, Brittany, France, 2015
Island, Study III, Leman Lake, Switzerland, 2017
Cliff of Aval at Night, Study I, Etretat, France, 2017
Sea Mist, Brittany, France, 2015
Crepuscule, Camargue, France, 2017
Saudade, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017
Cliff of Aval at dusk, Study III, Etretat, France, 2017
The last shore, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017
Cliff of Amont, Study I, Etretat, France, 2017
The wait, Sao Miguel, Azores, 2017
Quoi ? L'Eternité (What ? Eternity).

Quoi ? L'Eternité (What ? Eternity).

Fragments of Eternity torn from time and oblivion


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