Juan Cobarde
An ongoing project depicting violence against women
Juan Cobarde (John Coward) is the project we are developing with Adri Peralta for Man Up Campaign. 
We have selected seven stories for the first number. Each real story tolds as a graphic novel part of the lives of women victims of violence in Paraguay. There is much to see yet!, in the website you can see comics by Regi Rivas, Adri Peralta and Charles Da ponte also. The cover art is a direct homage without claims to the novels of Corin Tellado (60's and 70's), We started to read them and saw so many Latin-rooted idiosyncrasies there.

If you want to follow the project, go to:

De todas las vidas que pudieron tocarle, Lucía tuvo la peor. Aprendió que su mejor opción era la prostitución a los 11 años.
Esta historia finalmente fue ilustrada por Charles DaPonte >> www.juancobarde.org