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Brand identity for Buylogic
Buylogic is an independent center of competence which delivers Supply Chain Management to the oil and gas industry. We did the rebranded them, giving them a new name (previous name: ADB Procurement) and a brand new identity. Since they work a lot with sales, logistic and procurement, it'a a very exact business were everything is on the number, nicely stacked up and sorted out. We wanted to visualize this, through the stacking up for relevant items to their business. The concept was to have the personell and people working there stacked up alongside the items as well. The logo itself is very hard and strict, but still has round edges to illustrate the more human side of the process also, how it's seroious and precise business but they're still welcoming people.

We created logo identity, stationary, corporate notebook, posters and website for them.
Client: BuylogicCreated as Procontra