KONTAKT - Child Contact Center
KONTAKT - Child Contact Center conception as a DIPLOMA project
The decision to support the next generation highly influences our future. A wide range of
domestic factors influences the psychological development of a child. Child Contact Centers
help to convey the much-needed parental models and roles even after a divorce situation.
Therefore, the social development of an adolescent can be supported by having access to the
non-resident parent as well. This way the child could have a chance to stay emotionally close
to the non-resident parent, despite the physical distance: making the child less likely to be
endangered by emotional turbulence that could damage their personality development or
mental and psychological growth.
Child Contact Mediators need to be within sight and hearing and in this way support the
process. Therefore it was necessary to develop a tool helping the mediator to physically stay
away and makes the time between children and parents more personal. That is why I designed
an acoustic lamp patterned after a speaking tube. The individually variable modular furniture
can afford a place for the families, where they can settle down. The carpet reflecting on the
contour of the form visually supports the place, meanwhile makes the situation more intimate
with its softness. The modules can be fastened to the wall and are even fitting in the corners.
The elements of the lamp assort with each other in a magnetic node. The design of the lamp
can allow the carrying of the conversations to the station of the mediator by easily collecting
the voices and sending them through hidden pipes in the ceiling. Thus the mediator can take
care of from the distance, that the children’s interests can be supported on a high-standard
level. This “lamp” with its hidden functions is able to efficiently support the work of the
experts as well.
By helping these special communications architecturally not even the performance of the
child-welfare and the child-defense system is highly sponsored, but the claim of a child to the
communication would come true in a proper way.
KONTAKT - Child Contact Center

KONTAKT - Child Contact Center

Acoustic Lamp design for ChildCareCenter


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