Inspirina™ Creative Lab.
Rebranding // 2017

As an Creative Agency, Inspirina has been growing since 2014. In 2017 we decided to evolve our branding and bring it to our own new business model. We started as a design agency, focused on Branding, Design and Packaging, but we shifted to a more creative lab, where we bring business and brand together to design the future of business. 

This led to the release of our new brand identity. The use of one color, one font and one goal. We are now a creative lab, where experiments are made, business models are tested, in a machine created to flip old business into the new market place. Aesthetically simple and clean, the identity reflects our process and our position with our clients. We don't want to be great, we want to create great business. Branding, Design, Packaging, Photography, Video, Copy and Product is just one of the many shapes of a business.

We don't work for brands, we work with brands, focused on how it works and not how it looks.​​​​​​​