2012 Filter017 FCL OUTDOOR LAB Graphics Collection
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    2012 Filter017 FCL OUTDOOR LAB Graphics Collection
To summarize the annual collection Filter017 did for “FCL Outdoor Lab” in 2012, such as various graphic designs, symbol/logo designs, typeface designs, characters designs and pattern/poster designs, we did strive to stretch the usage of all designs into branding, merchandising and artistic exposures as much as possible. The collections are sure to surpass our works in the past in many ways as they are much more well-thought and planned logically and much well-organized visually. We consider it to be Filter017’s breakthrough in overall self-development and design capability. We are confident that we have already out-grown our awkwardness in the past couple of years. As a result, we are equipped with the possibilities and power needed in further presenting our design themes and our final artistic designs visually. We have confidence that we completed the experiments and met the challenges in premeditation designs in the past year which made us even much well-prepared to prolong the drive to refine our work ability and our work collections in the future. Via the experiments in different graphic and pattern designs, we were able to bundle the ideas, logistics, hands-on implementation and conclusive wrap-ups into a wholesome feasible package which we proudly present and name “Logical System of Visual Graphics, short for LSVG).
Ever since the Filter017 design team dedicated themselves to the design of clothing and life-related products, they have maintained a consistent philosophy of fusing creative images and designs with inspirations from daily life. It is Filter017’s endless quest to continue embracing the spirit they have always exemplified, which has helped to generate distinctive products and a brand with unique value.
In 2012, the Filter017 design team is continuing to extend upon the theme concept of “Horror Forest.” They created images in American styles and visual designs, seamlessly incorporated classic American motifs, and blended in trademark concepts and light morbid humor in their graphic designs. As part of an effort to combine independent products with their recent inspirational theme of the “outdoors,” Filter017 launched its subsidiary line, “FCL OUTDOOR LAB.”

In terms of style and design inspirations, the FCL OUTDOOR LAB series particularly gravitates toward outdoor styles which have gotten much attention in recent years. This new attempt also reflects Filter017’s graphic design style that has been maintained throughout its product evolution. In terms of the visual and graphic technique, this series embodies vintage American outdoor styles fused with ideas about leisure, travel, outdoor activities, and exotic cultures. Furthermore, this was incorporated with the themes of introspection, self-challenge, and environmental protection. The effort encourages civilized human beings who live in cities to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature instead of being consumed with work and technology. It also brings into our consciousness the importance of protecting Mother Nature and inspires people to challenge their limitations.

Just like working in an independent laboratory, achieving the perfect balance between “graphic design” and “product design” is a delicate experiment to undertake and one that the Filter017 design team continues to refine. This time, as an expression of their experimental spirit, they blended an exclusive outdoor leisure style with fun images, fused elements, and meticulous attention to the overall product’s details as always. Then, they merged these ideas with new innovative designs, fashion components, and instilled a soul. That is how the FCL OUTDOOR LAB was born!

In the FCL OUTDOOR LAB series, Filter017 is going to present a completely different visual style compared to the past. Due to the extension of this subsidiary line, Filter017 can temporarily reach beyond its established brand conventions, and will be able to achieve the goal of multi-dimensional development. The best is yet to come!

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