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    Critical and objectionable methods of analysis
Graphic Design
 Critical and objectionable methods of analysis

The thesis project I developed with a workmate (Adelina Voinea) is about EDG (Environmental graphic Design)
After some researches on the discipline, we collected some of the best case studies, and we tried to develop a system to help any Designer or Architect who would like to create and EDG system.
We selected various aspects which form an EDG, and with the help of experts we selected the most important and relevant interaction between them (such as color and typography). With this, we were able to evaluate the quality of a project and to see how to improve new one.
The other interesting part of the project was the editorial design and the paper choice. We used different Fedrigoni paper for each different parts of the book: Research, Case study, Analysis and Inserts.

The creation of the book with three different kind of paper for subdivide also three different themes: the analysis, the supplements, and the project.
I also made the library binding.