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All works of Eugenia Clara Fendri
Typocampaign #3
Typocampaign is a brand of eugeniaclara a.k.a Eugenia Clara Fendri.
Contain fresh Typography artworks and my quirky style.
Check out the previous version: )

...and fyi, I'm open comission right now :)
even if it's for a simple logo, branding, posters, or just a type for you!
Contact me if you interested |

"2 YOUNG 4 ROMANCE" by Eugenia Clara Fendri.
also submitted on   and
ISN'T IT A BIT COMPLICATED? | works of complicated twisting thingies. Done in AI.
ROME AND JAKARTA |  total works on CorelDraw X3

p.s: I wanna go to Rome and I'm dreaming it right now from my room in Jakarta, Indonesia :p
Collage of 2 typo works.
Cause Love Is Such An Old F. Way   |
quoted from 'Under Pressure' by Queen.
Done in Adobe Photoshop.
The Ultimate Inspiration Is The Deadline |  (quote from Nolan Bushnell)

Done in Photoshop CS4.

So these are the 3rd Version of my TypoCampaign.
Any comment and critic appreciated :)

Feel free to contact me on :
or visit my tumblr at
or my deviantART

thank you :)