Ostrich Pillow, packaging.
Type: Industrial Design
Partnership: Studio Banana
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I have worked during six month at Studio Banana, a multidisciplinary studio based in Madrid. I was working with the product manager on some product and packaging developments. ​​​​​​​
The problem
OSTRICH PILLOW Light is the perfect mate for quality naps on the go. The actual packaging is a practical and an easy-to-hang cardboard box. Unfortunately, the user can’t see or touch the product. One of the solution offers by the seller is to remove the packaging and hang the pillow directly on the rack. That solution allows the consumer to interact and try the pillow but the product is not highlighted and is totally deformed.
The design brief
I have created a document with all the features the packaging needed to have such as:
– a better user-experience
– an economical packaging: with the least cardboard, only one piece to be easily assembly
– a gift aesthetic: chocolate box inspiration
– an easy to hang packaging

The researches
First, I have sketched many drafts to have an idea of what the consumer needed. Then, I have created about twenty packaging in answer to the design brief. We have selected three concepts that I developed later. 
The strengths
– the packaging takes more space on the rack (a better visibility)
– it shows the product in the way the consumer is going to wear it
– it is an original packaging (distinguished from competition)
The weakness
– the product might be damaged or get dirty
– the consumer is not surprised anymore in discovering the product
– the paper is less resistant than the cardboard

The user-experience has been improved, the new packaging allows the consumer to use four of his five senses:
– See the fabric and the colours
– Hear the sound of the microbeads under the fabric
– Touch and feel the texture
– Smell the odour of the product

Credit photo: Studio Banana ©
Ostrich Pillow, packaging.

Ostrich Pillow, packaging.