Type : Innovative Design
Partnership : L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique
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How, as a product designer, can I influence people run ?
My work lead was to easily start running thanks to the basis of learning.

The product
BREATHE IN is a learning tool that teaches abdominal breathing to the novice runner. It is made up of a silicone shell and a polypropylene base. Its shape is rounded and soft in order to bring back the swelling stomach during the abdominal breathing. Its components are an electric motor, an Arduino card, a blade, a battery, a printed circuit board and light-emitting diodes.
BREATHE IN has three breathing levels to gently teach the stomach respiration. 
During the inhalation cycle, the “stomach” of the product blows up and lights up gradually. During the exhalation cycle, BREATHE IN deflates and goes out gradually.
Thanks to this concept, the runner will be able to run avoiding shortness of breath whilst improving performance at the same time.
T H A N K   Y O U   F O R   W A T C H I N G