FIND-E  |  smart Bluetooth tracker

FIND-E is a smart device that helps you keep track of your most important things. It is connected to your phone and instantly alerts you if you leave your keys, a wallet or nearly anything else behind. It is shown on the map where you lost your things. Also you can use your FIND-E as a remote camera shutter button.

FIND-E was designed with a wide variety of customization options in mind, ready to absorb brand essence and become a unique branded product. Any part of it can be customized – lace color and material, main plate color, body and button color, even the metal pin can be shaped and anodized according to brand guidelines.

There are iOS & Android apps which help to use Find-E in the most convenient way. Atop of that, FIND-E features a friendly robot, that teaches every consumer how to use it and helps to learn all of the functions in a fun and subtle way.
The apps were developed by Concepter.


Being reliable and fast, Find-E is equipped with the powerful CSR chip and Bluetooth LE 4.0 that works up to 100 meters. Find-E has a replaceable CR 2032 battery that works in active mode up to 3 months.

We’ve created Find-E to deliver comfort and functionality in your everyday life. The body, made of soft-touch plastic, features a flexible TPU lace, turning it into a beautiful keychain accessory. A precision machined metal pin completes the product’s elegant look.


We are grateful to the Aiia team for this cool collaboration