The Boy Who Could Fly

The challenge behind this project was to portray an emotion through basic motions and solids. After creating a mood board and going through several different concepts of personifying solids, I finally decided to go with a different route and create a boy that goes on an inspirational flying adventure. For the stylistic aspect I wanted to place the boy in the “real” world by building a set out of paper and foam board and filmed it. The paper craft style helped portray the playful look and colorful look I was going for. For emotions I focused on the boy’s body movement and facial expressions. At the beginning, he stands tall with confidence as he gets ready for flight. When falling he is desperate to catch himself before the ground does. Finally at the end when he begins to flap his wings a spread of relief and joy enters his body. I want this piece to inspire and leave a happy lighthearted emotion with the audience when finished viewing.
 Mood Board
After getting my Idea I started to create the set from ground up. This is a close up of the clouds I made.
Close up of set. 
Creating the wings in Adobe Illustrator. 
Animating in Adobe After Effects.
Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop
copyright Isabella Carapella