Honne Band Documentary for Sennheiser

Film Direction
Creative Direction
Branded Content

My first Director job was a band portrait for Sennheiser featuring the british electro band Honne.
The electronic music duo, finds the stories they tell in their lyrics out in the world or on the streets of London. They explain that people with MOMENTUM are people who found their purpose for existence and therefore pursue their passion.
CONCEPT: I spend two days together with the band, interviewing them, getting to know their passion and drive. With a small team of a camera man, a producer, sound and light and me as a director and photographer on set we accompanied the band in their home town london in the district of shoreditch and hackney wick.
We produced a content production grid that included a content main film for youtube and the Sennheiser Website, a product film for amazon and various pics for instagram, the website and facebook.