This fantasy  magic story was released right before the New Year Eve.
Proudly present the shots we`ve done for this wonderful movie. This challenging show was our first large project a specially in terms of shots amount!
Snow Bow
Originally this was a kind of magic glass sphere but after several test and sketches we offered another solution the solution - Snow Bow. The was the most favorite weapon in this film. There were more than
Snow Arrow
We had about 15 shots  with kind of "snowy magic arrow" which hits someone. 
We`ve build FX asset with controls allowing us easily create this effect adjusting and changing it.
Some of the shots with "snow arrows"
Result - Use of the "Snow Arrow" asset
Work In Progress - how it looks like from perspective camera with all helper visible 
We'`ve got several shots Bus traveling all over the world from Moscow to New York!
Bus Dissipation
At some point Bus dissapears...
Ice Swords and Roof Fight
Mattepainted New York City Panorama 
We had about 100 shot on the roof of Chrysler Building shooted indoors with greenscreen. So we`ve build one asset for all the shots and used it all over the whole sequence.
Also we had to replace white plastic swords with pure ice transparent daggers.
Writing Credits 
Produced by 
   Anastasiya Akopyan...executive producer
   Lev Karasev...producer
   Daniil Makhort...executive producer
   Georgiy Malkov...producer
   Vladimir Polyakov...producer
   Aleksandr Voytinskiy...producer
   Aleksandr Yermolov...producer
Main Road Post crew

   Roman Bobrov...VFX Supervisor   
   Anna Buleyko...VFX Producer

Trehmer crew

VFX supervisors
   Konstantin Listratov...visual effects supervisor
   Ruslan Sharafutdinov...visual effects supervisor
   Yevgenia Salnikova...visual effects producer
   Marina Yakovleva...visual effects coordinator
   Sergey Konorev...lookdev\lighting
   Aleksander Yakovlev...lookdev\lighting
   Sergey Konorev...FX artist
   Konstantin Listratov...FX artist
   Maxim Popov...FX artist
   Egor Borisko...FX artist
   Aleksander Alekhin...FX artist
  Yuriy Korshunov...matchmove 
  Viktor Manin...mattepaint
   Roman Moiseev...compositing
   Aleksandra Sazanovich...compositing
   Sokur Vadim...compositing 
   Ruslan Sharafutdinov...compositing
   Valeriy Denisov...compositing
   Maria Filatova...compositing
   Sazhenov Roman...compositing
   Dmitriy Polbitsyn...compositing
   Regina Mingazetdinova...compositing
   Aleksander Alekhin...pipelineTD

Big thanks to Main Road Post for creative and art direction support!
Thank You!