Norway Health Tech
Strategy and rebranding

Oslo MedTech, Norway's largest health club, changes its name to Norway Health Tech. This is an important part of the process that raises the company into a national player with a global perspective. "We have passed 200 members and now take a national position to lift the Norwegian healthcare industry internationally," said Kathrine Myhre, CEO of Norway Health Tech.

A new name also follows a new identity, which takes its starting point in the company's new vision: "We make Norway shine as the world's hotspot for health innovation."

The visual concept is based on the company's role as a guiding accelerator for members and partners in a global ecosystem. The direction and dynamics of the logo tells of an ever-expanding network of expertise and services, with the Nordic region as a centerpiece.

«The symbolism of the logo is rooted in the North Star. With its unique position it is in the center of the starry sky. It is an ancient navigation tool - a guiding light that always points north." 

— Ole Fredrik Ekern, designer
Norway Health Tech