Monkey Labour is an iOS, Windows and Mac game that mimics a 1980s handheld LCD device. 

It was developed at Dawn of Play in the end of 2010 and early 2011 with me as the lead programmer. This is the first commercial game I worked on.
Development and Reception

I wrote a thorough postmortem that was published on Gamasutra, but you can see a quick introduction to the motives behind the development of the game in our AppCircus pitch video:
Monkey Labour won AppCircus Ljubljana and was nominated for Mobile Premier Awards.
Though it is a simple iOS game it held enough depth and polish to receive good feedback from the press with a combined 75 Metascore and generally favorable reviews.
Visual Effects

In the first update to the game I developed 4 special effects, some pushing the borders of the expected as seen in the marketing video below. The four effects are the following:
Simulated LCD matrix visibility when looked at an angle due to polarization of light.
LCD segment echo due to slow turn-on/off response times.
Shadows under LCD segments because the matrix is raised above the background.
Simulation of color bleed when touching the LCD screen with your fingers.