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HandMadeFonts - New Release
Paper Jungle Font
Enjoy travelling with exotic typography

You can afford a journey to southern countries if you ready for travelling with exotic typography. A new Paper Jungle Font is a font made by hand and replete with the spirit of the wilds, tropics and adventures. The wild typeface is palm tree letters that can be a perfect companion for everyone who wants to be a pioneer in the uncharted lands of the design world.

Cracks Font
A fair crack at Handmade Font

Stone typography gains a special feature in the form of a new handmade font, Cracks Font. There is a certain scent of freedom and disobedience in this cracked typeface. So, if you want to give your artworks a rebellious and dashing look, this grunge font won’t let you down. Cracks Font will be a heart of an audacious project. Show your temper and stand as firm as a rock together with this handmade font.

Yellow LED

Designed for simplicity and made from high quality materials. Its sleek geometry
and material combinations creates a modern personalized look.

Small Pancakes Font
It’s branch time!

The later Sunday morning starts the better morning it is. It also becomes brighter if you’re greeted by a cheerful poster decorated with Small Pancakes Font that invites to you for a brunch. We at Handmadefonts have spent dozens of mornings baking the best lettering for your design.

Jupiter Font
Walk in space with futuristic typeface

The Jupiter Font is a pure fantasy trapped in a multicolored shape of a futuristic typeface. View the Jupiter Font as a flirty design dance on the edge of our reality and a dream somewhere in the deep sky and welcome it as a fresh and positive ode to a classical space theme. A mix of pink, blue and yellow, the colorful alphabet is a note of praise to bold decisions and audacious concepts.

Mouth Tape Font
What language do you speak?

Sometimes silence explains things better than dozens of words.
To help you avoid prolixity in your design and life we invented
this unique anti-talker typeface. Hush! Hush!

Paper Cut Font
Miracles of paper typography

Combine fonts made by hand and paper typography and you will reach harmony in one unique font –
Paper Cut Font by Handmadefont. It is a paper typeface of many layers, or we can say – levels,
each one deeper than the previous one and having another shade of color. This construction makes the
handmade font look like a chilly oasis where you can rest at any time.

Wooden Chain Font
Wooden links in Handmade Font chain

A handmade font became a part of the wood typography junction, thus amazing Wooden Chain Font appeared. We loved developing this new wooden typeface, although the creation of the 3D font required some carving skills and a lot of patience. However, the harder you work, the more successful your result is, and we can say that we are very proud of
Wooden Chain Font. The handcrafted typeface gives you warm feelings and has a strong resemblance
with the Nordic understanding of a style.

Soap Bubbles Font
Buy font for wash care

Soap Bubbles Font made by hand in 3D will work great for housewives design or wash care typography. Although, we are not huge fans of soap operas, probably Soap Bubbles hand font will work great to illustrate posters for dramatic TV series. Buy this unique 3D font by Handmadefont to design an invitation to your VIP cinema party in a swimming pool.

Russian Soul Font

This Mysterious Beauty Oh, this mysterious Russian soul! It’s not easy to conceive it’s spirituality and depth. But if you want, you can easier do it with our unique Russian Soul typeface. Let depth, strength, and compassion be with your design.

HandMadeFonts - New Release

HandMadeFonts - New Release

A Unique Collection of Handmade, 3D, Animated Fonts and Graphics from Handmadefont Studio and the best Designers from Around the World
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