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    Home Decor products - Photoshop retouching and photo manipulation for flooring products in room scene beauty shots. Images used in high-end packa… Read More
    Home Decor products - Photoshop retouching and photo manipulation for flooring products in room scene beauty shots. Images used in high-end packaging, print ads, brochures, catalogues, trade show graphics. Read Less
Working with home decor products, especially with flooring such as hardwood, laminate and tile, clients constantly require beauty shots with the various floor finishes. These are used in private brand packaging, print ads, trade show graphics, brochures etc.  The only cost effective way to offer these images with so many different flooring products, is to Photoshop them in.  

When good product photography is not available, the individual boards or tiles, are scanned, colour corrected and assembled into a full floor layout. Bevelling is added if the product requires it, and the overall colours are adjusted.  Then an appropriate high resolution photo is located and purchased from various photo banks on-line.  The image then has a clipping path created around all the various elements that are in the room shot.
Once that is done, the new floor file is layered in and the perspective is adjusted and scaled accordingly based on the size of the actual product. This is essential for it to be accurate with the other elements in the room.

Shadows are added, reflections based on how reflective the product surface is, as well as light casting from any windows or incandescent lighting in the room shot. Once these are added, the various flooring products can be swapped out wherever needed. 

Below shows the original cropped image. The following two images show different engineered laminate products.  The same goes for the fourth image, the original, and the hardwood floor added in image five.
In the image below, the wall mural was completely removed and large, floor to ceiling windows were added in.
As the product private brand name is Forest Ridge, a forest landscape was added to the outside. As it is a bright daylight shot, heavier shadows and light casts had to be added to the floor to give it realism.
This room scene was designed to showcase a 2in mosaic metal wall tile product. The single 12in square product photo was cleaned up, repeated and assembled in Photoshop, scaled to match an 18in distance from counter top to beneath the cabinets, with added shadows and lighting.
BEFORE and AFTER images — Room scenes created for advertising electric fireplace/media consoles. The client wanted a variety of models featured in various home decor room scenes. Decorative items such as books, vases, ornaments etc. were added to the units, along with stereo and/or AV components. Paint colours and wall art have been adjusted to improve overall style and deisgn. Images were used for web and print advertisements.