The Fog...
the world, as we know it, begins to fade away... as well as our certainties.
It is a relief to abandon our senses to intuition and mystery.

Every day we hear and read about more and more refined optics/cameras, about the myth of details, the law of sharpness, the foreseeable and controlled world of “I see everything, I understand everything”... then my thoughts go back to my beloved mist and I smile a little :-)
Let's be clear, progress is good (I also use a great equipment!), but I just hope to never forget the charm of imperfections!
Imperfect pictures are sometimes spectacular.
I have admired works of some photographers where almost wasn’t possible to understand what was going on, due to wished grain/noise and bold out of focus.... and yet the communicative element was top notch!
Photos that instead of communicating in an elementar way a precise message make instead think, providing only a initial suggestion, then the act of completing the understanding of the work lies in the mind of the intelligent observer.
But these were exceptions, very personal readings, so with no effect on the big marketing, which cares only to create and feed mass standards (because they bring money). The individual vision instead, the exception, counts nothing.

Over time, I hope to lose any standardization burden in my works, as it's the only way to grow.
At the moment I am simply grateful to the fog for the vague and indeterminate dimension that can create.
It’s a great help also to understand that "bad weather" is among the best allies of the photographer.
A sunny day with no clouds and blue sky? No, thanks, give me some bad weather, please!
The Fog

The Fog