Lunchtime Talk Sarah 
Boris A Hundred Meter 
Hurdle Race Poster

The Lunchtime Talks at the DHBW Ravensburg are a series of public lectures held by experts from the fields of design, advertising, architecture, film and music.

We had the chance to create two posters for the talk of award winning designer Sarah Boris. Citing her work in editorial design and her love for typography, we choose colourful and visual intriguing approaches to visualize the title of her talk.

Sarah Boris is an award winning London-based graphic designer specialised in branding and editorial design. Sarah will talk us through her journey, from studying type design in Paris to establishing herself as designer specialised in branding and editorial working mainly for the arts and culture fields. She will share the hurdles she encountered on her journey to landing her dream job and her pursuit for a good work life balance and her quest for the ideal work environment.​​​​​​​

Design by Hannes Drissner and Daniel Zenker in collaboration with Prof. Klaus Birk

Special thanks go out to Hanna Viellehner for her spot-on animation!