AGAINST or FOR Legalizing Organ Sales.
The legalization of organ sales means paying people to donate a part of their body, such as a kidney, a part of their liver, or even their blood. The most common argument against this includes questionable donor safety, turning the body into money-making tool, as well as an unfair disadvantage for the poor to participate in getting an organ for themselves.
The PRO argument shows the classical sand timer or hourglass. It means that the time is running out to find a donor in time to save her life. She expressed, “My time is running out for me to find an organ.” This campaign supports legalizing organ sales because it will increase the supply of organs available for people who are in a desperate need of transplant, reducing the wait time. 
The CON argument is set in a butcher shop with lines like a meat cut chart drawn on the woman, to show how wrong it is to sell parts. She expressed, “It is wrong to sell human parts like animal parts in a butcher shop.” It is utterly against legalizing organ sales. Many people feel giving an organ a dollar value is against their religion and/or their morality.