Retro Brand Presentation - Major Canadian Retailer

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  • Major Canadian big box retailer Canadian Tire sells a lot of toolboxes, and they've been doing for a lot of years. They were interested in a limited edition "Heritage Style" model to commemorate their 90 years of being the business. I was asked to put together an overview of some ideas, for the reps to review and discuss in their meeting with
    the client.

    I researched the vintage style and construction of toolboxes constructed several years ago and pulled various elements from those images that might be used in designing a vintage looking model. From the corner bumper guards and mechanical strut design, to the various latch systems and box shapes.  As well, I drew inspiration from the old style retro logo designs used back in the 40's and 50's on oil cans and gas station signage. From these I created some retro brand logos that could be used in nameplate design or advertising. The direction and concept was very well received by the client.