Nostalgia brought me into creating this project that mixes Pantone® Universe and the world of Pokémon™. I wanted to see how every types of Pokémon™ would transpose themselves within the real world. I decided to match each element with a representative photo taken on Unsplash. This exercise intends to blend two contrasting brands and find a common field where both can live together. This is an experimental project and it aims for entertainment. Every photographer is credited for their respective work.
I choose you — Boris Smokrovic
I choose you —​​​​​​​ Daniel Weiss
I choose you — John Towner
I choose you — Tim Trad
I choose you — Somnus
I choose you — Ricardo Gomez Angel
I choose you — Mandy Berrley
I chose you —​​​​​​​ Lola Guti
I chose you — Elti Meshau
I choose you — Jamie Hagan
I choose you — Magnezis Magnestic
I choose you — Davide Catelli
I choose you — Paul Gilmore
I choose you — Annie Spratt
I choose you — Arif Wahid
I choose you — Kace Rodriguez
I choose you — Samuel Zeller
I choose you — Joel Filipe
Pantone® guides are common tools in the daily life of a designer. Definitely, I would like to see the company collaborate with more pop culture brands. Insane colors would surely come out of it. I want to know what is your favorite Pantone® element in this project. Mine is the Dragon Coated and I have also a little crush on the Psychic Coated too! I think they would make great t-shirts.

I hope you enjoyed the exercice as much as I did while making it! For more content and updates, you can follow me on Instagram.