22-30.04.2010 // Student Competition [trapped] has become an open appearance and party + dance performance of Studio for Pantomime, Plastic and Modern Dance 'PantaRei'
The exhibition was attended by those who have feel students: Annie Kapanova, Sonia Petrova, Denitsa Toneva, Polina Pankova, Rosen Takev, Desi Chakarova, Svetoslav Galabov, Nadezhda Kuncheva, Martina, Marty, Nevena, Nikola Minchev, Gergana Kuzeva, Yordanka Georgieva, Rosen Markovski, Mitko Zhelezarov, Ivan Ivanov, Lubomir Popov
__ Exhibition [trapped] was opened with a performance of Dance Studio for Pantomime, Plastic and Modern Dance 'PantaRei', which lasted 12 minutes.
__ Set in the enclosed space of the gallery, a dance performance revived surroundings [trapped] in front of guests who are still [out] of it. Window is a border situation that separates and connects the areas.
__ The dance is presented as an image that goes beyond the physical boundaries of the body and passes into spaces [in] - [out].
__ The music is by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.