Occasionally, in Russian, sea creatures (like octopus or squid) and bastards sound the same. This coincidence became a base for a name of a new seafood restaurant in Ekaterinburg by the owner of Gastroli and Shalom Shanghai.

Crabs, Bastards* and Wine.
This is the place where people are ironic, love partying and kidding, believe in themselves, love what they do and do it with passion and fun. This is the place with affordable seafood and wine prices and playful and positive atmosphere with a strong focus on food as a simple and pure pleasure.

From the beginning, we decided not to use engraving style and old-fashioned illustrations in brand identity (despite having them in the interior) and to create a bright and colorful visual language which would become a strong memorable accent and a great support to restaurant's vibe. A changeable dynamic descriptor adds playfulness and fun to the identity allowing to create unique logos for a variety of purposes.


Art Director & Designer: Dmitry Gerais
Photo: Гады (Bastards*), @gadsloveyou
Made by: the nineteen, creative solutions for restaurants, gastronomic & hospitality brands

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