Desgnit No. 6  |  Sanctuary Cities

Mission Promise Neighborhood (MPN) is a San Francisco based nonprofit serving the Latino community in the Mission District. A relatively new program at the time, MPN was struggling to communicate how their various services worked together to support family and student success in school and beyond. The Desgnit team created a suite of communications materials including a logo and style guide, content strategy, website, infographic and motiongraphic video in both English and Spanish.
Motiongraphic video for Mission Promise Neighborhood
This campaign was designed by a group of volunteer senior designers and strategists at Desgnit, an invite-only weekend produced by Elefint. Desgnit No. 6 was dedicated to Mission Promise Neighborhood. Meet the team:

John Hanawalt, Mule
Megan Malley, Uber
Tyson Wischerath, Freelance
Andreina Prado, Freelance
Jason Agar, Colour
Angie Carlucci, Colour
Phil Clark, Exygy

Raquel Donoso, MEDA
Christopher Gil, MEDA
Laura Anderson, MEDA
Matthew Scharpnick, HUGE