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    The Kalahari Ads Street Browser was an ambient campaign which notified market goers that a 24hr market place was only a click away.
Every weekend crowds of South Africans hit the various markets scattered around the country. Here they risk life and limb searching for that hidden treasure. Our client wanted to notify market goers that a 24hr market place is only a click away. A virtual market place - Kalahariads.com. 

So we took the digital pixel hand icon and created a series of price tags for shop owners to place on their items. 

While shoppers were dodging moms with their battering prams we placed magnetic pixel hands on their cars. When they returned to their car and peeled off the pixel hand, it revealed that kalahariads.com is a market place for vehicles as well. 

Creative Director: Sammy-Jane Every
Copywriter: Alex Goldberg
Art Director: Gareth Cohen
Photographer: Alex Goldberg