Citeo - The First EcoBranding


Citeo is the new brand resulting from the merger of the two main eco-organizations in France, Eco-Emballages & Ecofolio. These companies are in charge of sorting, collecting and recycling waste. But beyond recycling, Citeo wants to define itself as the leader of the circular economy in France, with the only promise to combine economic performance and environmental performance.

The first EcoBranding
Ecobranding is a new approach to the Brand Design created by Sylvain Boyer and designed by Martin Caro - Lassalle. With a simple design process, we can design a visually impacting brand, while limiting its environmental impact, and limiting its economical costs. Each brand ingredient of the Citeo brand is made to limit the quantity of ink, the number of pages printed and the weight of the files on digital supports.


We choose colors that does not exeed 100%
of inking rate (e.g 100 Black or 70 Cyan + 30 Yellow)

An imagery that limits the print surface area
and its weight on digital files

Eco-Verbal Identity
We say everything can be recycled, and we say it in a contextual way



Eco-Brand Book
EcoBranding in real life

Eco-Sonic Branding
As wee say everything can be recycled.
We have recycled the Arabesque
from the Classical Author Claude Debussy 
into a Pop Sonic Identity

Citeo - The First EcoBranding