albelli 2015 Summer campaign

Every year for albelli, the Brand and Creative department develop two main hero campaigns that coincide with the seasons of greater commercial value for the company, winter and summer.
In 2015, I had the chance to develop the Summer Campaign, which starts from mid-June and lasts until mid-September in which the central concept revolved around imagining what your summer would be and hence invite the customers to create a product with their summer holiday photos.

From there the messaging “Picture you summer” took shape, with a creation of a complete identity to use throughout all channels communication – online and print.

The main engaging point was a photo competition held on Facebook, where users were challenged to share photos on a specific summer theme: Motion, Sun, Night and Landscape.

Art Direction, illustrations and design Alexandra Antunes
From this main concept, I developed the visuals, creating a style guide to guide the team of designers when applying to other materials, with logo, colours, fonts, a promo sticker, decoration elements and the main photography style.

The photography used had the same concept of the good vibrations that we want to reminiscent from summer. From parents playing around with their children at the beach, that idyllic location that made you take thousands of identical photos, surfing, going camping and enjoying a starry night, etc. In conjunction with this photo selection, we also used in the main communication, stills from the Summer TV commercial.
For the main website, strong and inspiring visuals were created, using the same summer themed concept.
After a research on the trends for that year, a summery vibe and refreshing imagery came together with elements connected with summer, such as the soft watercolour effect used over the type and applied to the bottom section of the banners and the use of a handwritten font style.
The initial idea was to start with a banner only with photo and typography with the main message that would rotate with the same photo but applied to a product.
The final result was a mix of inspirational banners used at the start of the campaign, with a collection of other banners with the TV commercial stills  
more images and information about this project to be added