In this casewe have reinvented the traditional skateboard store. We wanted it to have avery strong personality, different from the rest. In order to obtain thedesired effect, but without losing the identity and the original essence ofskate, the store concept was based on two pillars: on the one hand, we wantedto keep the plywood board, which, together with the concrete, is the icon andnatural texture of any skate park; and on the other hand, we wanted that thespace radiated the urban appearance of the skate’s place of origin. We haveused urban art but in its more avant-garde version, showing in this way thecultural influence that the skate has had during the past 30 years.

We have triedto capture that inspiration in urban art by covering the walls with photocopiesof a traditional Japanese graphics, creating a very strong visual effect, onlysoftened by the warmth that the wooden containers transmit. At the same time,these containers are exempt, allowing us to change the store in minutes, thanksto their casters. This is essential in such a small place has given fast stock turnover.

In short, wewanted to pay homage to all those who have made skate a more cultural thansports reference, one that has influenced many of us both in our personal andprofessional lives.

You canvisit it at:

C/ Argenteria 55

08003, Barcelona (Spain)

You can also have a look at its website: