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    Stationery designs for Green Network
Green Network is a telecommunication company who asked Y&R DXB to design proposals for their stationery.
Based on the logo previous designed, I developed the following concept for the brand.


Green helps people to connect. To reach out. Green impacts every facet of society. And though partnerships and technologies, Green helps making every experience more personal than ever. Through this option, we explore the idea of uniqueness by creating unique identities from the Green logo.
I started by inserting the logo on a 6X6 grid and dividing it into pieces.
To these, I added the four corporate identity colours, previously defined...
...and overlapped each line, in both horizontal and vertical ways to produce a new shape.
Ending with a set of 12 different main patterns.
These patterns can change as much as you like, by changing colours or overlapping sequence.
Stationery designs