Desgnit No. 7  |  Criminal Justice Reform

Often the actions of district attorneys don't reflect the views and values of the people they represent. At Desgnit No. 7, we worked with the ACLU of California to develop a new brand, educational motiongraphic video, and responsive website that helps voters meet, understand, and contact their DA. The campaign won the attention of founder of Free America and award-winner singer and songwriter, John Legend who narrated the video. Within days of launching the campaign reached thousands of voters.
Motiongraphic video explaining the powers of district attorneys, narrated by John Legend.
Illustrations by Oakland-based artist, Robert Liu-Trujillo
This campaign was designed by a group of volunteer senior designers and strategists at Desgnit, an invite-only weekend produced by Elefint. Desgnit No. 7 was dedicated to the ACLU of California. Meet the team:

Gopika Prabhu, Elefint
Jason Agar, Colour
Emily Shields, Freelance
Miki Setlur, Facebook
Samira Khoshnood, Facebook
Olga Kharitonova, Glassdoor

Ana Zamora, ACLU
Abigail Maravalli, Elefint
Miriam Gerace, Planned Parenthood
Courtney Minick, Planned Parenthood
Caroline Henderson, Media Cause