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Some illustration from my note book.

I'd like draw with ink brush which it mixed the pencil in charge of details  and water color brush to makes fast atmosphere, maybe it's inspired by the Chinese Traditional painting and water color painting.
this one is with ink brush,and only one broken brush in my hand with ink to finish it, lucky it makes me satisfied after the ink and water permeates into the paper.
the red stamp is just by hand writing.
actually,this sorrow guy is hit my mind after an drawing in Behance, and I also drawing this guy with a gloomy mood cause some bad feelings in lives, though finally very happy about it.

some my friends posted that this dog is looks like me when they saw it, umm... ok~ i admit the fact that I'm a dog behavior with human body,or,in the other hand...
submit two details of this illustration, I really like the cool details
oh, shit, is 2012, not 2010. but I don't why make this mistake?
this sketch is for the Conde Mid Autumn festival card design, is an important traditional festival in Chinese, of course include Macau. here i want combine the old and modern elements, in the font part, I have try the thin and elegance font.
after all, the half moon actually is Conde logo, so, that is the idea.
details in font
ink combine with water to finish this drawing, a little skills here i wanna tell you, before the ink color, panting a soft water at the real shape, then mixed ink before it dry. you can feel the different. just try .
the eye part detail is the best one
for more detail i have draw some diamond graphic at the headscarf.
thanks for your appreciating