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Logo & Brand Identity Portfolio
Logo for a webshop that sells products branded with the UNICEF brand. 
Agerings Bokförlag – Logo and icon design for a Swedish publishing company. They needed an icon suitable for book covers.
Kostutbildning – Logo design.
EC Wine – Logo design for a distributor of wine aerators. 
Balansera – Logo design for a yoga and health company.
Basquer – Logo design. Originally designed for Basquer's own line of laptop bags. 
Kreera Promotion – Logo design.
Sveriges Alla Företag – Logo design for a database search site.
Device Discovery – Logo and icon for a software that searches through your network and lists USB drive usage.
Device LockOut – Logo and icon for a software plugin that locks out unauthorized usage of USB drives.
Device Anti-Virus – Logo and software icon design for an Anti-Virus plugin by Sophos for USB drives. 
Neuville – Unused logo design for a t-shirt label.
Wac:s – Proposed redesign and name change.
BlockMaster – Logo redesign.
Funicular Grill – Unused logo design for a restaurant.
SafeXs – Logo design for secure USB drives. 
WKS Capital Management – Logo Design.
ImageRing – Logo design for a textile art gallery.
Unwind – Unused logo design for a t-shirt label.
the Design Journal – Logo Design for Basquer's own notes on design.
Emagining – Logo design for Emma Agering's design portfolio site
Din Lokala Hantverkare – Logo for a handyman database search engine site.
Diversity Distributors – Unused logo design for a distribution company. 
EkoBar – Logo design for an organic fast food restaurant.
Bunnylove Design – Evil rabbit logo for a design agency.
Kaikai – Unused logo design for a kids clothing label.
Leadership Academy – Logo design for an organization within Lund University.
BlockMaster Pegasus – Logo design for a software platform. 
ShieldShare – Logo design.
Pipe – Logo design.
ReHiFi – Logo design for a chain of stores that sell used HiFi products.
Silverback – Logo design. 
BoPoolen – New logo design for a student housing organization. 
Logo & Brand Identity Portfolio

Logo & Brand Identity Portfolio

These are some of the logos Basquer has designed over the years.


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