"Shumakom" (Nowhere) Indie Game
"Shumakom" (Nowhere in Hebrew) is an indie game I designed, illustrated, programmed and built during the class "Indie Games" In Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, with the guidance of Dani Bacon and Tzach Weinberg.

The game draws inspiration from from early century Americana aesthetics, influenced by 50's American diners, and tells the story of Mascot, the 10-year old symbol of "Shumakom" diner in rural Indianapolis. When Mascot gets bored during his lunch breaks he goes jumping on the train tracks nearby, dodging passing trains. 

Blue milkshakes grant him with sweet and delicious burps while poison jars give him smelly and disgusting farts :( Later on in the process I introduced the Golden Milkshake, which awards the player an extra 1,000 points.  The game was built and programmed using Unity 3D and designed in Adobe Photoshop.