BASH is a film produced internally at Mainframe to celebrate the release of the MASH Dynamics node in Maya 2018.

We set out to create a selection of experimental, dynamic scenes using simple primitive shapes as the base objects. That original concept stood fast but the process itself also resulted in serving a far higher purpose than pretty pictures alone.

We first heard the term ‘eat your own dog food’ when we joined forces with Autodesk in 2015. The project didn’t start out as R&D. It was simply meant as a promotional piece to celebrate the fact that MASH now has a Dynamics node. Something we’ve craved since MASH’s inception many years ago. What became quickly apparent was how effective this process was at exposing any bugs during our development cycles. It’s amazing how often a 3d artist, on trying out a new feature, will gravitate towards the one thing that’s not working properly or try to do something we hadn’t thought of in development. So we ate a lot of dog food and the more we ate the better it tasted. The process really informed our approach to MASH Dynamics in development and contributed to another powerful addition to MASH’s arsenal. Oh, and we made a lovely promotional piece along the way.

All these scenes were put together during the development of Maya 2018 so it’s entirely possible there are better ways of doing some of these things now we have a full release version. That said, all scenes have been tested in the Maya 2018 release (on OSX at least) so we hope the notes below help you understand and familiarise yourself with some of the processes and techniques we used in creating BASH.


Note - all scenes require Maya 2018. Let us know via if you have any problems (or love!). Please bear in mind we’ve provided these files as a gift for you to play with. We may not be able to answer every question.

Director/Producer - Chris Hardcastle.
3D Artists - Ben Black, Jack Brown, Matt Oxley, Alex Dorman.
Developers - Ian Waters, Martin Vejdarski.
Bleeps and Beats - Matt Oxley