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    Self Branding design. For Alice Chapman - Designer Creations. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alice-Chapman-Designer-Creations/105630436258525
Alice Chapman - Designer Creations

Hello! and Welcome. 
This is the branding for my emerging, independent freelance company.
I am an international, freelancing, graphic designer, image maker photo taker.
have fun, ask questions and dont be shy. ;)

     • Design/Branding: (logo, business card, annual report, poster, brochure, flyer, personal Cv, media covers/banners, such as time line, tumblr or twitter banners)
     • Photography: (Birthdays; 16th, 18th, 21st’s, events, festivals, gigs, special occasions, art, collaborative/personal project ideas and themes)

If you would like to contact me for something,
please don't hesitate, I love exploring new ideas and meeting people.
The Personal Logo
Trippy Brand Imagery V.1
(Watch out for V. 2, it will involve the use of 3D glasses!)
Business Card Design
(Won Dynamite Express Cards - Creative Business Card Competition (2012)
Business Card Design
(Won Dynamite Express Cards - Creative Business Card Competition (2012)
Company Brand Manual

1.1 • Intro
2.1 • Brand Personality/Values
Key words to describe brand // Target Audience // Business Plan // Portfolios
3.1 • Finance
Method of payment // Rates
4.1 • Identity
Logo (Type, Colours, Graphic devices) // Tag Line // Legal Rights
5.1 • Applications
Fb Page // Web site (& site map) // Business Card // Email signature // Our Work (copyright issues) // Client Form/Brief
6.1 • Promotional/Marketing
Online (Fb, website ect) // Guerilla
7.1 • Contacts
8.1 • Links
Curriculum Vitae
(Please note some areas are blurred for privacy)
Facebook Page
Promo Item; Stickers.
(Big & Small Available)
Baked and Branded Cupcakes! Just for you.
Which will you pick? The red cupcake or the blue? ;)